Thank you for finding our 'sanctuary'. This website is not only a webshop, but also a platform for all kinds of ideas and thoughts about a more beautiful and just world. A world in which we treat the environment, animals and people with care. Army of Love offers Art, Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts and Shareables in the form of video channels and blogs. If you scroll through on this page you will automatically come across them.

We hope you will have fun here and get inspired. And we would love to hear from you!



 PLAYING FOR CHANGE MUSIC | Army of Love Music video channel 1.



Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music.

The idea for this project came from the belief that music has the power to break through boundaries and bridge distances between people.

Playing For Change invites us all to connect with musicians all over the world. "Music without borders."


 ART INSPIRED BY NATURE  - Army of Love Art video channel 1


Here you will find presentations of art, installations and sculptures inspired by nature.

It is a story about wonder and beauty, in which the interconnectedness between man, nature and technology is expressed in many different ways.





 MUSIC OF THE SIXTIES AND SEVENTIES - Army of Love Music video channel 2.


Here you will find Psychedelic rock, Folk rock, Hard rock, Glam rock, Punk and Heavy Metal from the sixties and seventies.

Due to the worldwide revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, society quickly changed, all kinds of taboos were broken and more personal freedom arose.

Many musicians played a pioneering role in this movement.

Their innovative music was often influenced by the use of a range of 'mind-expanding' means, which you can hear in more layered arrangements and different harmonies. 



INSPIRATORS - Army of Love Video Channel 3


Here you will find all kinds of videos of speakers and teachers who inspire us.

Do you know what inspiring people have in common? They are crazy enough to think they can change the world. And they do it!

We believe that anyone who wants to can contribute to a better world. So please be the madman who thinks he can change the world because it can!

With Army of Love we try to do our part in this.

 FREE SOUNDS - Army of Love Video Channel 4

Free voices from independent journalists and scientists about eg

Politics, Corona, Pharmacy, Banks

Can I introduce myself?


My name is Bo.

Bodhananda is the full name.

It means 'Blissfull Understanding'.

I got this name from Osho a long time ago.

He is one of my inspirers.

After a period of social work

in crisis shelters and children's homes

and a short interlude in the alternative

medicine, I started for myself in the 90s.

Circle Zenter, a shop in the Old City of Alkmaar,

was the initial stage. Later the webshop, Freaky Fashion, was added.

It all started with vintage clothing, jewelry, and Buddhist and lifestyle products. I made the jewelry myself, we took the clothes from distribution centers.

This discarded clothing was imported from Europe and America. Every week, my girlfriend and I were looking for gems among a huge amount of discarded clothes in a large cold shed. We saw it as treasure graves.

Later we started to expand our range with Hippie, Cyber, Punk, Gothic and Fetish clothing, a large collection of jewelry and all kinds of accessories.

The grab culture that initiated the banking crisis, a fire in our warehouse, the emergence of internet shops and the disappearance of subcultures from the streets, heralded the end of our store and web shops.

A fresh start

After a sabbatical of several years of writing, gardening, horse riding, sports, cooking and much more, I got inspired again and started making jewelry again.

And at the moment the steps and ideas follow each other in quick succession.

With this new site and this ideas platform, I want to push my boundaries again.

It may sound a bit corny because the word is used too often, but in my opinion the connection between man and his environment is the most important thing there is.

The corona crisis makes us realize this more than ever. The world is currently in shock, and man is anxiously retreating to his own island, under the influence of the frightening images and dictations of governments that declare a state of emergency.


This makes the need for connection and collaboration more visible and urgent than ever

But even with a global pandemic and lockdown, we still live in a world full of wonder, beauty and vitality. Fortunately, bon vivants, inspirers, musicians and artists are able to show and experience this world.



I would like to introduce you to some of them through our mentioned video and music channels.


Arts and Crafts


I believe that arts and crafts are closely linked. Perhaps it has to do with inspiration, which spills from the artist to the viewer, or from the maker to the customer.

When someone connects with, for example, a piece of jewelry or a gemstone, apparently inanimate objects come to life in the eyes and heart of the viewer.

Even in physical form, the jewel or stone is ultimately not lifeless.

Viewed under a huge microscope, you can see swarms of neutrons circling at a tremendous speed and interacting with their environment.

The dress or necklace that you wear or the chair on which you sit is also viewed full of life.

Economic growth as a goal has long been obsolete. This is the era of cooperation and solidarity.


We are all citizens of the world and connected to our fellow human beings and the world around us. Nothing we do is without consequences.

As far as we are concerned, the circular economy has the future and the full attention of our producers. They also use as many natural materials as possible.

Our range is timeless and lasts all seasons . You can enjoy it down to the last thread or pass it on to someone who will enjoy it too ...

We hope you find something that suits you or what you would like to give as a present to a friend!


Revival of the Hippie mindset

The world needs the 'Hippies' of our time to guide us into a new episode of our history. A smile, a kind word and sharing what we have can make the difference between heaven and hell.

In an interview with Adriaan van Dis, writer Noah Harari said wise words that we should all think about. He calls us to increase our self-knowledge along with our ability to change.

Only when we know ourselves will we be free manipulations through

through algorithms and we can shape our future ourselves.



This is in line with a script I am writing. The name of the book in the making is

                 "The Eleventh Commandment ."



Ixtlan Ton Tervoort



After studying English, Ton traveled the world.

To make a living on the way

he had many jobs.

He crossed Europe, Asia

and Central America. On his tour of the

United States he started selling jewelry

at markets in San Francisco and New Orleans.

The idea came about to collect beautiful,

handmade products from the countries he visited.

Back in the Netherlands, he decided to implement this idea

and start an import company.

His wholesaler was called Ixtlan.

This name refers to a work by Carlos Castaneda,

which Ton is a big fan of.

He had silver jewelry made in different Asian countries, to which later

clothes, buddha statues, incense and more articles like that were added.

In coöperation with small scale producers he started his own clothing line

of natural materials.

to develop, which was in great demand at festivals and in hip shops.

Because of his love for nature and his personal involvement with the people he works with, Ixtlan is a company where sustainability, people-to-people relationships are paramount.

Designer Margit Pronk Slogan  

"Leave a little Sprankle wherever you go ."

Margit designs imaginative and comfortable clothing for LaLamour.

inspired by gems and icons from the past.

On her work table are already elaborated ideas

and samples for the upcoming collection.

After a career with major commercial clothing brands

Margit spent years immersing herself in decorating 

large and small interiors.

But her desire to set up her own

contemporary clothing line,

which would expres a feeling

of beauty and wonder remained.


In 2017 she  and Ton Tervoort began to shape

this under the name LaLamour.

A moviestar from the 1940's whose nickname

begame LaLamour.

Margit designs all the patterns of the garments as

well as the prints. And she chooses the materials used

wich are of all sustainable.

The motifs she creates are beautiful in color and design.

The chosen fabrics are of good quality and enclose the body in a natural way.

In combination with the beautiful and comfortable designs she creates, LaLamour garments form a romantic, feminine and lavish clothing line, with both retro and bohemian elements.

For example, driven by the romantic longing for a colorful and positive world, Margit uses her passion to make as many women shine as possible.

The photos of Lalamour were made by Grace van Houten.

The make-up for these shoots were done by Abfab make-up of Annique Martens.

Photographer Ken Phelan

The product photos of the Nepal and India clothing

were taken by photographer Ken Phelan.

He was born in Ireland, but grew up in London.

After having lived and worked in Spain for several years love

brought him to the Netherlands. where he has lived for almost 45 years now.

He first became acquainted with photography at the age of 14 at

the St Edmund's School in London.

When he was 15 he worked at AC Coopers in central London,

where he learned how to develop 36mm film and

black and white photos.


When he was 17, he started working for Michael Barrington

Martin (a very famous 1960s photographer) on Warren Street,

in central London. There he learned a lot about studio photography.

After working as a bartender in Spain for a few years, he moved to

the Netherlands when he was 20.

He ended up in the construction sector and ran

a successful company that was active at home

and abroad for almost 30 years.

For several years, Ken has transferred his company

and is working full time in photography.


He has further developed into a skilled and passionate

photographer and is broadly oriented:


His specializations are fine art, portrait,

products, industry and panorama.